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Hailing from the darkest depths of West Cornwall, Bagas Fellyon are re-imagining the sound of Cornish traditional music.

Taking the dark majestic beauty of the rugged Celtic coastline, the softness of golden sands and throwing in the grit of post industrial decay Bagas Fellyon are infusing the traditional music of Cornwall with their own lived experience in order to create something fresh, vibrant and alive.

Using drums, bass, saxophone, fiddle, accordion and hammered dulcimer, Bagas Fellyon weave hypnotic rhythms and evolving textures in Combination with melodies both ancient and modern to paint a picture of Cornwall and Cornishness that goes deeper than the typical picture postcard representations of the Dutchy.

The Nos Lowen itself is something between a ceilidh and the Breton Fest Noz. The dances are simple enough that they can be picked up by following along with a few strategically placed dance leaders among the crowd. This removes the need for a caller and leads to an evening that can flow more freely than a usual ceilidh.

Bagas Fellyon boasts a line-up of highly skilled, versatile Cornish musicians and can adapt the size of their band to accommodate any venue or event. Whether you’re looking for a trio for that more intimate occasion or a full 8-piece Nos Lowen band to get your venue rocking, Bagas Fellyon have it covered!

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Nos Lowen

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