Trevow Music

Trevow (Cornish word for ‘Home’) music came about following a random discussion between Neil and Kerensa about their desires to promote various music line-ups they are both involved in, their ambitions to support and promote Cornish traditions in general and how to reach a wider audience. As it turned out they had both been thinking along similar lines for some time and it became apparent that by combining their individual experience as both artists and event organisers and drawing on mutual contacts within the thriving Cornish music scene, they could offer something truly special.

Our Mission

To promote and support Cornish music and dance by working with talented artists and performers. To help promote and stage events and engage with venues and event organisers both at home and further afield.

With our experience as both artists and event organizers, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with this industry, and are dedicated to bringing the traditional sounds of Cornwall to the forefront of the wider music scene.

We are committed to nurturing and developing the next generation of Cornish musicians and dancers, and to preserving the rich cultural heritage of our region. Through our management services, we provide the resources and support necessary for artists to grow and thrive in their careers, from booking gigs and handling promotions to networking and engaging with industry professionals.

Ultimately our goal is to help support and sustain the already vibrant music community in Cornwall, where locals and visitors alike can experience and appreciate the rich sounds and rhythms of our culture. We believe that by working together with our artists and partners, we can build a brighter future for Cornish music and dance, and share our unique traditions with the world.

Trevow are proud to be working in conjunction with

Brendan McGreal @ Cornish Underground

Working with Brendan McGreal, music producer at Cornish Underground, Trevow Music tap into a rich seam of Cornish music heritage. Brendan has worked closely with Cornish music for over 2 decades, cultivating the Cornish ‘sound’ for all the top bands in the studio and live.

His approach to studio production is progressive and inspiring, offering acts recording with him his depth of knowledge of both Cornish music and studio production techniques. He is in the forefront of the live music scene, championing many of the bigger Cornish events. Have a look at this link to his work and his future commitments to Trevow Music.

Wesley Newman @ Holroyd Design

Wesley is a graphic designer, web developer and marketing producer at Holroyd Design. Having grown up surrounded by the traditional music scene, whilst growing up in Cornwall, he has a passion to help bring this music to the rest of the world.

He supports our artists to build their brand identity, evolving the unique styles to build with our artists as they continue to grow.