Neil McMahon

About Neil

A fiery fiddler from the depths of Cornwall. Neil brings Cornish music to life with an unsurpassable flair and mastery. A foot in the past but boldly treading new ground with his innovative style.

Neil started out playing guitar as a teenager in rock and metal bands. It wasn’t until a few years later during a trip to Ireland that he experienced traditional music and was instantly hooked!

On his return to Cornwall Neil started searching for the Cornish equivalent and found it almost by accident at a session in the old ale house, Truro. Frances Bennett who was already well immersed in the Cornish music scene, immediately press ganged him into joining community fiddle group Bagas Crowd. It was at this point he bought a fiddle and “in a fit of over confidence” headed to Newcastle to study on their degree course in Folk & Traditional Music.

Over the past few years Neil has worked with several line-ups including the bands for Cornish dance groups Hevva and Kekezza. However, he is probably best known for his collaboration with music producer Brendan McGreal. Together they formed the Cornish Neo Trad duo that is Fools Rock to experiment with and innovate within the growing Nos Lowen style of Cornish traditional Music.

Following the release of their first full album ‘Hitching Ships’, Neil brought together musicians from all over the Cornwall to form a series of line-ups for their album launch. The sold-out event was such a great success that all three groups are now in high demand!

Demo Tracks

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