Cornwall based multi-instrumental duo Fable bring you their own unique take on traditional & contemporary folk covers & original compositions. 

Kate and Alison have over 40 years experience as musicians, and together create an original and exciting blend of stunning flute & whistles, creative electro-acoustic harp and captivating vocals.

Alison Presswell

Alison has played various instruments since she was at school, with her first love being piano. Having had formal lessons until age 17, she has continued to enjoy playing classical music for pleasure ever since. However, she does confess to an eclectic taste in music, including some opera, heavy rock and, of course, both traditional and contemporary folk music!

In 2015, Alison attended a short introductory harp workshop during Fowey Festival, and instantly fell in love with the Celtic harp. The acquisition of Luna, her beautiful Celtic harp, soon followed, and she subsequently began performing solo, attracting reviews such as ‘truly enchanting’.. ‘beautifully ethereal’ and ‘simply sublime’.

In 2022, Fable was born! Having met several years ago whist singing in a choir, Alison and Kate were already good friends. Together they have discovered a love of songwriting and developing unique harp and flute/whistle arrangements, blended with vocal harmonies. Their creative and collaborative approach continues to evolve and go from strength to strength, with a strong foundation of Cornish life, stories, myths and legends underpinning their songs. Along the way they have been making new musical connections and friendships, and are excited to see where their musical journey takes them.

In recent years Alison also co-founded a community singing for wellbeing group called Singalong. The fun and friendly group runs fortnightly in Charlestown, providing an opportunity for people to come together for social connection and to sing together simply for the uplifting benefit and joy of communal singing.

Although not originally from Cornwall, Alison has made her permanent home there. Loving the way of life, music and Cornish traditions, she says she can’t imagine ever wanting to live anywhere else.

Kate Ardell

Kate comes from a family of musicians and entertainers. Her father played harmonica and sang in choirs, her grandmother was an accomplished pianist and her aunts sang and acted for many years. Singing around the piano, complete with enthusiastic harmonising, was central to her childhood. She was always to be found making music and learned to read music at the same time as learning to read making it second nature to her.

Soon she was drawn to playing the flute, wanting to expand her music making beyond the piano, and her family actually rented one for a while being unwilling to make such a big financial commitment until they knew she would stick at it. She definitely did!

Kate had lessons from the jazz musician Basil Towell who led her to play with more freedom, encouraging her to explore many genres from classical to jazz to world music, and also from the inspiring Adrian Evans who has been the man behind many professional musicians emerging from Bodmin.

Over the years Kate has played and sung with many bands, jazz bands, orchestras and choirs before somehow stumbling into the folk world and finding what feels like her natural place. Fable was born as a duo in 2022. Kate had been singing with Alison for many years before they decided to branch out and start performing. Collaborating on composition seems to have brought out the best of both of them. She is loving being immersed in her long Cornish heritage and exploring this through song writing and performance, and excited to be working with so many diverse musicians on her journey.

Demo Track

The Land at the End