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About Kernow Dulcimer Collective

The idea of Kernow Dulcimer Collective came to fruition during lock down when Cornish Hammered Dulcimer Player Kerensa started to rekindle her love for playing and teaching.

During her early teens she came across this unique and enchanting instrument and was instantly hooked! With expert tuition from Jim Couza and the support and encouragement of the Nonsuch Dulcimer Club she discovered a talent and passion that she was determined to share.

During the lock down period, Kerensa realised that the instrument had an almost therapeutic quality and started to introduce some friends to her music and to playing themselves. The joy that the instrument brought was plain to see and it was the inspiration she needed to finally get it out there.

Kerensa started collecting instruments, some generously donated to enable her to run workshops for complete beginners giving them the opportunity to try it firsthand.

A few months later she met another local player Carole Talboys and they joined forces! After a year of running monthly workshops they organised their first Dulcimer Weekend in Truro and the rest is history where they met Appalachian Dulcimer Grace Biddulph and the rest is History!

Kernow Dulcimer Collective run monthly workshops for Hammered and Appalachian Dulcimer of all levels with a number of instruments provided.

They offer similar workshops at events and festivals, covering the basics of the instruments, developing skills and learning and arranging tunes at all levels with an emphasis on the music of Cornwall.

All 3 musicians are available as performers in their own right and work together as a duo / trio.

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